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Aircon Servicing Cost In Singapore: Price And Service Details

Finding the right aircon servicing price in Singapore can seem like a puzzle. Many get lost in varying costs and services. At iCare Aircon, we cut through the confusion with clear prices and detailed service.

Our rates start from $18 per unit for general servicing, ensuring no surprises.

With over 20 years of experience, our lead technician James Tan has steered iCare Aircon to be a leader in air conditioning solutions since 2016. We bring high-quality installations and repairs across Singapore.

Stay tuned for insider tips on managing your cooling needs effectively.

Aircon Servicing Cost in Singapore

An air conditioning technician is servicing a unit in a Singapore home.

Find out how much it costs to service your aircon in Singapore. It’s more straightforward than you think. Prices change based on what you need—like a simple cleaning or fixing something broken.

Standard Aircon Servicing

We provide air conditioning services starting at £18 per unit. This service includes cleaning the filters, checking all components are working well, and making sure your system is running efficiently.

Our team ensures each fan coil receives proper care, with prices ranging from £18-£22.5 depending on its state. For a typical home with three fan coils, the total cost would be around £70.

Furthermore, we offer yearly maintenance contracts for £240 that include four servicing sessions throughout the year to keep your air conditioning in top condition and avoid any unexpected issues while ensuring peak performance.

Chemical Wash

Deep cleaning of an air conditioner's evaporator coils with special chemicals.

Our team performs chemical washes for air conditioners, with prices ranging between £80 and £100. This service deeply cleans the interior parts of your aircon, eliminating all dirt, mould, and bacteria that standard cleaning misses.

It boosts your unit’s efficiency and the air quality in your home. Our method involves using special chemicals to thoroughly clean the evaporator coils, ensuring they operate smoothly and use less energy.

This not only prolongs the life of your unit but also reduces running costs. We ensure every chemical wash adheres to our high standards of workmanship and safety, offering you peace of mind.

We deal with various units through chemical overhauls – starting at £130 per unit – making us proficient in identifying potential issues before they escalate into major problems. Regularly opting for these services leads to fewer repairs over time and enhanced performance from your cooling system.

Our experienced technicians arrive equipped with all the necessary tools to carry out these tasks swiftly and efficiently, causing minimal disruption in your home or office space.

Gas Top-Up

We refill your air conditioner with gas if it’s running low. Different gases have different prices. We pick the correct type for your machine. Our costs are straightforward, so you won’t face any unexpected fees.

A customer named Nicole Golloso praised our team for doing a great job cleaning and refilling her air conditioner with gas.

Our service ensures your air conditioner works smoothly and lasts longer. We measure how much gas is needed and only top up what’s necessary. This approach gives you the best value and performance from your air conditioning units.

Aircon Repair and Replacement

Fixing air conditioners and swapping old ones for new models are what we specialise in. If your cooling unit leaks water or just doesn’t cool as it used to, we’re here to help. Our team quickly diagnoses the problem and sorts it out.

We offer a 90-day guarantee on our work too.

Sometimes, an air conditioner can’t be fixed and needs replacing. We manage this from beginning to end — removing the old one, fitting the new one, and ensuring it works properly.

With more than 600 installations last year alone, you can rely on us to get your air feeling cool again without any fuss or hidden charges.

Service Details

Well-organized mechanic's tools on a tidy workbench.

We explain why regular checks are key and how prices change. Plus, we promise clear costs—no surprises here. Ready to learn more? Check out our details next.

Importance of Regular Aircon Servicing

Getting your air conditioner serviced regularly keeps it working well. It is a good idea to do this at least once every year. This helps your air-con work more efficiently and stops you from having to pay for big repairs later.

An annual maintenance contract offers four services each year, so you don’t have to worry about booking them yourself.

The price for regular servicing is between £18 and £22.50 per fan coil unit. Keeping up with these checks means your air conditioner will work better and last longer. It’s like looking after a car; regular maintenance prevents breakdowns that can end up costing much more in the future.

So, spending a small amount each year saves money and keeps your home cool and comfortable all through the year.

Factors Affecting Servicing Costs

Knowing why aircon servicing prices change is important. Here’s what makes a difference:

  1. The size of the unit matters. Big units, like those in businesses, often cost more to look after than smaller ones in homes.
  2. Where you are counts too. It’s pricier to get service for places in the city centre, big houses, companies, and jobs done after 6 p.m.
  3. What kind of service you need also changes the price. Regular upkeep costs less than a chemical clean or a complete fix-up.
  4. How many units you want to be serviced plays a part as well. Looking after several aircon might mean a lower price for each one but adds up in total cost.
  5. The layout of your area can push up costs too. Hard-to-reach spots may take more work and time, making it more expensive.

6 The age and state of the aircon affect pricing too; older models or those that need fixing can be pricier due to the extra work involved.

7 Special parts needed for your type of AC could influence the cost as well; some types like inverters might have pricier bits needed, especially PCB boards.

8 Extra fees come into play based on things mentioned before – such as higher charges for city-centre locations or services outside normal hours.

By knowing these points, it’s easier to see why costs for looking after your aircon vary and what impacts them.

Transparent Pricing and Quotations

We offer clear prices without hidden fees. Prices start at £18 per unit for basic servicing and go up to £130 per unit for a deep chemical clean. For those who need it, we have an annual service contract available for £240, which covers four servicing sessions.

Our goal is to avoid surprises by making sure you know the cost upfront.

Our customers value this honesty in billing. Chong-U Lim praised our straightforward pricing and quotes. Quick quotes are part of our service promise, providing details quickly within 24 hours.

This method allows customers to plan their budgets without guessing about aircon servicing costs.

Why Choose Cool Earth Aircon Services


Air conditioning technicians repair unit in residential setting, documented through photography.

Choosing Cool Earth Aircon Services means getting work done by skilled pros. We make sure you pay a fair price for top-notch service.

Experienced and Certified Technicians

Our team brings together professionals with over 18 years of hands-on experience in air conditioning service and repairs. We pride ourselves on having a crew that knows their way around any aircon issue you might face, from standard services to more complex repairs and installations.

Each technician holds certifications that prove their skills in handling your cooling system needs effectively.

We ensure our technicians stay ahead of the curve by keeping them updated with the latest technologies and methods. This continuous training allows us to tackle even the most challenging conditions without breaking a sweat.

For instance, Nicole Golloso highlighted how our lead technician offered a professional explanation before starting extra work, showcasing our commitment to transparency and quality service.

With iCare Aircon, expect quick response times—same day or next for emergencies—alongside detailed upfront quotations ensuring no surprises regarding billing.

Transparent and Competitive Pricing

Prices are clear and upfront with no hidden fees. A single aircon unit’s general service starts at £18. Opt for the yearly plan, and it costs just £240 for four sessions. You get great value without unexpected charges on your bill.

This approach means you always know what you’re paying.

Customers like Chong-U Lim have said they find the prices fair and appreciate knowing the cost from the beginning. Whether it’s a straightforward clean or a complex repair job, we aim to offer competitive rates while delivering top-quality service every time.

With affordable pricing, expert care for your cooling needs is guaranteed.

Quality Service and Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We promise top-quality service, ensuring every aircon service leaves you happy. Our team sorts all issues on the first go or we come back for no charge within a week. Plus, our work comes with a three-month guarantee.

Satisfied customers have shared positive feedback about their experiences.

Our fast response times mean we’re there within 24 hours to sort out any problem. From basic servicing to complex repairs, expect clear prices—no hidden fees for your peace of mind. This commitment helps us make sure your air conditioning units run smoothly and last longer than expected, offering you fantastic value for money and reliable cooling at an affordable cost.

Call to Action

Need aircon servicing in Singapore? Our team at iCare Aircon offers top-notch services. From general cleaning to chemical washes, we cover all your needs. Prices start at just $18 per unit, making us an affordable choice for quality aircon care.

We also provide annual maintenance contracts that include four services a year. This option saves you money compared to one-time visits.

Our experienced technicians are ready to help 24/7, ensuring fast and reliable service. Email us at hello@icareaircon.com for a detailed quote or advice on keeping your air conditioner running smoothly.


1. What does aircon servicing in Singapore include?

Aircon servicing, especially with us at iCare Aircon, covers a wide range of services. From general maintenance to chemical washes and overhauls for optimal performance. We tackle water leaking issues, clean indoor fans, and ensure your air conditioning system runs smoothly.

2. How often should I service my aircon units?

For best results, we recommend quarterly maintenance. This keeps your units in top shape and prevents common problems like leakage or an underperforming condenser.

3. Can you tell me about the cost of servicing 3 aircon units?

Certainly! The price may vary based on specific needs but expect affordable rates with us. For precise figures tailored to cleaning and maintaining your 3 units or more, visit our pricing page or get in touch directly.

4. Are there any hidden costs or additional charges?

Nope! At iCare Aircon, we pride ourselves on transparency—what you see is what you get. No hidden costs; just quality service at an honest price.

5.. Why choose iCare Aircon for my servicing needs?

Simply put—quality and reliability at an affordable price point. Plus, exceptional customer service that’s always ready to help., Whether it’s a simple repair service or a full chemical overhaul, we’re here to provide top-notch care for your air conditioning system.

6,. Do you offer services outside the CBD area?

Yes, we do!, Our team covers various locations beyond the CBD area, ensuring everyone gets access to the best air con servicing regardless of their location within Singapore,

Ready to ensure your air-con performs its best? Contact us today at hello@icareairon.com for all your cooling needs – let’s keep things cool together!