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Comparing Air Conditioning Service Maintenance Contracts In Singapore

In Singapore, the relentless battle against heat and humidity isn’t just a seasonal skirmish; it’s a year-long war. This reality transforms air conditioning from a mere luxury into an absolute household necessity.

Maintaining these vital cooling systems in prime condition can be quite a conundrum without regular upkeep. The dilemma of selecting the most suitable service contract for one’s aircon units is one many homeowners grapple with—a choice that has enormous implications for both comfort and expenses.

Our guide seeks to dispel this confusion by drawing on decades of hands-on experience.

Having spent over twenty years dealing with every imaginable aircon predicament at iCare Aircon, we’ve become something of experts in keeping these indispensable climate allies operating at their best.

Whether it’s issues with fan coils or sniffing out pesky refrigerant leaks, not to mention ensuring your unit runs as efficiently as possible, our know-how spans across all facets of air conditioning maintenance.

Continue reading for a thorough comparison of service contracts intended to ensure your system functions like clockwork without costing you an arm and a leg.

Key Takeaways

  • In Singapore, air conditioners are essential all year round. Regular maintenance saves money and keeps the air clean.
  • iCare Aircon offers different service contracts including yearly, general, chemical cleaning, steam cleaning, and chemical overhauls to suit various needs.
  • Yearly contracts cost between $180 to $430. They cover regular servicing which can prevent costly repairs.
  • Choosing a reputable service provider like iCare Aircon is important. They have experienced technicians and provide clear quotations.
  • Regular maintenance of your air conditioning units ensures efficiency, improves air quality, and extends the life of the unit.

Importance of Air Conditioning Maintenance Contracts

Air conditioning maintenance contracts are a game changer. They stop our cooling systems from breaking down. We avoid the big cost of replacing units every two to three years. This means we save money in the long run.

These contracts keep our air clean, too. They remove pollen, dirt, allergens, and bacteria from the air. So, we breathe easier at home.

Our team at iCare Aircon knows these benefits well. Regular check-ups make sure that air conditioners work smoothly and use less energy. With a contract, issues like dirty filters or faulty circuits get fixed quickly.

This prevents bigger problems and keeps our homes comfortable all year round.

Types of Air Conditioning Service Contracts

We offer several types of air conditioning service contracts to fit every need. Our general service includes regular checks on your aircon units, ensuring they run smoothly all year round.

For deeper cleaning, we provide steam wash services that tackle tough dirt and grime in hard-to-reach places inside your system. Chemical wash services go even further, using special solutions to clean internal parts thoroughly, keeping your air quality high and systems efficient.

And for units needing a complete overhaul, our chemical overhaul service rejuvenates older or heavily used air conditioners back to prime condition.

Each contract caters to different systems—from portable aircon to large-scale commercial setups and even solar-powered models. We tailor our services whether you’re looking for annual maintenance or more frequent quarterly check-ups.

With iCare Aircon’s skilled team handling the job, rest assured knowing your cooling needs are met with expertise and precision, no matter the type of contract you choose.

Yearly Service Contracts

An air conditioning unit being serviced by a technician in a clean environment.

Yearly service contracts keep your air conditioning units running smoothly. Prices range from $180 to $430. Paying upfront gets you a full year of regular servicing and checks for your HVAC system, central air conditioner or room air conditioner.

This includes cleaning air filters, checking refrigerant levels, and making sure evaporator coils are in good shape.

Our team at iCare Aircon handles everything. We check the circuit breakers, dust off the condenser coil, and ensure the outdoor unit is clear of debris. With one of these plans, you won’t have to worry about short cycling or unusual noises coming from your aircon again this year.

General Aircon Service Contract

General aircon service contracts cover basic needs like cleaning the indoor fan coil, and outdoor condenser and clearing the drainage piping. We also look out for and fix any water leakage.

With us, transportation charges won’t add to your bill. This regular service keeps your cooling system in top shape, preventing bigger problems down the line. Our team focuses on what’s necessary for your air conditioner’s health without overdoing it.

This way, you save money while ensuring your home stays comfortable all year round.

We make sure every visit counts by checking all parts of your system thoroughly. Whether it’s a dirty air filter or issues with the ductwork, we handle it promptly. Our goal is to keep your climate control systems working well without interrupting your daily life more than we must.

Count on us for reliable upkeep that extends the life of your HVAC unit while keeping energy consumption low.

Chemical Cleaning Service Contracts

Chemical cleaning service contracts are essential for keeping air conditioning systems running smoothly. At iCare Aircon, we use special chemicals to wash away dirt and pollutants from the air conditioner’s parts.

This process ensures your unit runs efficiently, preserving energy and saving money on power supply costs. Prices start from a set rate per unit, with each job backed by a workmanship warranty lasting between 30 to 90 days.

Our team tackles all kinds of units, from central air conditioning systems to single-room coolers. We focus on removing harmful substances like mildew that can hurt your health. With our chemical cleaning services, you rest easy knowing your air conditioner functions safely and effectively.

Steam Cleaning Service Contracts

We offer steam cleaning service contracts that ensure your air-conditioning units are free from dirt and bacteria. This method uses hot steam to deeply clean the interior parts like coils, filters, and pipes.

It’s a safe way to remove stubborn grime without harming delicate components. Our team at iCare Aircon makes it easy for you, with various packages priced per unit. Each contract comes with workmanship warranties, giving you peace of mind.

Our techs use advanced tools like high-pressure steam cleaners to reach deep into your unit’s condenser and evaporator coils. With regular steam cleaning, we can prevent common aircon problems such as overheating and poor energy efficiency.

You can rely on us to keep your home’s air fresh and your system running smoothly with our professional services.

Chemical Overhaul Service Contracts

Chemical overhaul service contracts are all about deep cleaning. We take apart your air conditioner to clean every part inside. This includes the filters, evaporator coils, and condenser units.

Dirt and grime don’t stand a chance. Our team at iCare Aircon makes sure everything works like new again.

This service comes with different prices per unit, making it easy to choose what fits your budget best. Plus, we include workmanship warranties for peace of mind. It’s not just about cleaning; it’s about extending the life of your air conditioner and keeping energy costs down.

Key Features to Look for in a Maintenance Contract

We always check if a company is registered with BCA or SCRB and has a licensed UEN in Singapore. This ensures they’re legit. Every contract must come with a written quotation before work starts, so there are no surprises on the bill.

A solid workmanship warranty gives peace of mind that any issues will be fixed without extra cost.

The contract should include checking and troubleshooting services for common problems like air duct blockages or fuse box issues. We make sure these basics are covered to keep your aircon running smoothly, avoiding sudden breakdowns that could need an expensive fix.

Look for contracts that offer regular vacuuming and inspection of parts like the blower and printed circuit board to maintain a good energy efficiency ratio and prevent harmful exposure from leaking refrigerants like R410a.

In choosing iCare Aircon, you get all these features ensuring reliability, environmentally sustainable practices to tackle climate change, and energy-saving techniques to cut down costs over time.

Cost Comparison of Different Service Contracts

Yearly contracts range from $180 to $430, depending on how many fancoils you have plus a condenser. This price can go up if you’re in the CBD because of extra charges. For just one-time jobs, prices change based on what service you pick.

A general aircon service might cost less than a full chemical overhaul. Each type of cleaning or maintenance task has its price per unit.

At iCare Aircon, we make sure our rates are clear and good for your budget. You won’t find hidden costs with us. Knowing these details helps you choose the best service contract that saves energy and keeps your air-conditioner running smoothly without breaking the bank.

Benefits of Regular Aircon Maintenance

Regular aircon maintenance keeps our cooling systems working smoothly. It stops them from breaking down. This means we don’t have to spend money on big repairs. Our aircon also makes the air cleaner and healthier for us to breathe.

They work more efficiently, which saves energy. When an aircon is well-maintained, it can fix water leakage problems too. We always aim to keep your A/C units in top condition at iCare Aircon, ensuring you enjoy these benefits with every service we provide.

Taking care of your A/C regularly helps avoid unexpected trouble and keeps energy bills low. Clean filters and well-working parts mean you get cool, fresh air without extra cost or health worries.

Plus, it’s good for the environment because an efficient A/C uses less power and lasts longer before needing a replacement. Rely on us at iCare Aircon to handle all your air conditioning needs with expert care.

Choosing the Right Service Provider

We always stress the importance of picking a top-notch service provider for aircon servicing. With our lead technician James Tan 20 years of experience, iCare Aircon stands out as a premier choice in Singapore.

Our team has grown significantly since 2016, showing we’re committed to excellent air conditioner maintenance. For homeowners seeking reliable services that keep their cooling systems running smoothly, we offer everything from general upkeep to complex repairs.

Our focus on using advanced tools and technologies means your aircon gets the best care possible. We’re registered and licensed, ensuring peace of mind for every client. Plus, we provide clear written quotations and solid warranties on our work.

This commitment to transparency sets us apart in a bustling city where finding trustworthy human activities related to maintaining smart thermostats or compressors is crucial for energy saving and reliability in your daily life.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Our clients rave about our service. They say we respond fast and sort their problems quickly. Many have shared stories of how their air conditioners run smoother after our team worked on them.

With high satisfaction ratings, it’s clear we pay close attention to every detail.

We’ve collected numerous positive testimonials from happy homeowners. They highlight our reliable A/C maintenance and the peace this brings into their homes. It feels great knowing people appreciate our hard work and expertise in keeping their cool, literally!

How to Get a Free Quote

Getting a free quote from us is easy. You can reach out through our website’s contact page. We promise detailed quotations upfront so you know exactly what to expect. Expect quick answers, usually within 24 hours.

Whether it’s via a website, email, phone, or social media, we make sure you get all the info fast.

We provide clear costs with no surprises. This allows you to compare and decide without any pressure. Our team is ready to assist in choosing the right maintenance contract for your air conditioner needs—ensuring your home stays cool and comfortable year-round.


We’ve explored various aircon service contracts in Singapore. Our findings show maintenance is key to keeping your air system reliable. From yearly to chemical overhaul contracts, choices abound.

Each type suits different needs and budgets. At iCare Aircon, we specialise in fitting the right contract to your unique requirements. Living conditions improve with regular maintenance—cleaner air, fewer breakdowns, and better efficiency mark our promise.

We’re committed to excellence and innovative solutions since 2016. For top-notch service customised to your home, reach out at hello@icareaircon.com.


1. What sets iCare Aircon apart in air conditioning service maintenance contracts?

We, at iCare Aircon, guarantee reliability and thoroughness in our services. Our team excels in troubleshooting, from your a/c to heaters, ensuring peak performance. Unlike others, we detail our contracts with clear terms—no surprises.

2. How often should I get my air conditioning system serviced?

To keep your system running smoothly, we recommend a check-up twice a year. This routine includes vacuum cleaning the internals and assessing for any potential issues—preventing big problems down the line.

3. Can iCare Aircon’s maintenance contract cover older systems?

Absolutely! Our expertise spans across models—from the latest refrigerators to older air conditioners. We tailor our approach to suit each appliance’s needs, ensuring longevity and efficiency.

4. What are the signs I need immediate servicing for my A/C unit?

Watch out for unusual noises, weak airflow or unexpected temperature changes—it’s time to call us at hello@icareaircon.com. Don’t wait; these signs can hint at bigger issues that require prompt attention.

Contact us today at hello@icareaircon.com—we’re here to ensure your comfort and satisfaction with reliable and efficient service tailored just for you.


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