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How Often Should You Service Your Aircon In Singapore?

In Singapore’s humid climate, having an aircon isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s utterly essential. Ensuring that it’s serviced regularly is paramount to keep it running efficiently, which not only saves you the headache of unexpected breakdowns but also avoids those unwelcome expensive repairs.

The rule of thumb from experts suggests that household air conditioners should be given professional attention once every three months for optimal performance.

At iCare Aircon, under my stewardship—James Tan—a technician who’s dedicated more than two decades to the air conditioning service industry, we’re deeply familiar with what it takes to keep your cooling system ticking over nicely.

Our wealth of experience has consistently highlighted how proactive maintenance can markedly decrease energy consumption and add years to your unit’s active life. Keep an eye out for essential advice on keeping both your home and office aircon in top shape.

Key Takeaways

  • In Singapore, service your air conditioning unit every three months.
  • If you use it more than 6-8 hours a day, go for monthly servicing.
  • High usage over 60 hours weekly needs even more frequent checks.
  • Commercial units require servicing every three to four months.
  • Regular maintenance avoids big repairs and saves energy costs.

Optimal Frequency for Aircon Servicing in Singapore

We at iCare Aircon recommend servicing your air conditioning unit once every three months. If you use it for more than 6-8 hours a day, aim for monthly servicing. This ensures your system runs smoothly without hiccups.

For those with high usage, exceeding 60 hours per week, monthly checks become crucial. On the other hand, less frequent use means quarterly maintenance does the job well.

Commercial spaces need attention every three to four months to keep everything in top shape. Yearly chemical cleaning is a must if dirt starts clogging up your system. Following this schedule prevents common problems like short cycling and unusual noises from becoming bigger issues.

It’s all about keeping your indoor environment comfortable and healthy while avoiding energy wastage through inefficiency.

Key Factors Influencing Aircon Service Intervals

Aircon usage plays a big role in figuring out service times. If you run your air conditioning system for more than 6-8 hours daily, it needs checking and cleaning often. In places like Singapore, where it’s hot and humid all year, this wears down parts faster.

Also, if your home or office is near areas with lots of dust or construction work, pollution can clog up the system quickly.

Another thing to consider is the size of your space. For bigger commercial spaces over 100 square metres, we usually suggest a survey to decide how often servicing should happen. All these factors – how much you use your aircon, the environment around you, and the size of the place – help us give accurate advice on keeping your cooling systems in top shape.

Advantages of Regular Aircon Maintenance

The well-maintained aircon filter and duct in a clean environment.

Regular maintenance keeps air conditioning systems running efficiently. This means they use less power and save us money on electricity bills. It also makes sure the air in our homes is clean by getting rid of dust, dirt, and allergens from filters and ducts.

Our health gets better because we breathe cleaner air.

Keeping our aircons in good shape stops big problems before they start. Small issues can turn into expensive repairs if left unchecked. Regular checks help spot signs of trouble early, like refrigerant leaks or a dirty filter.

Fixing these problems quickly prevents worse damage and keeps the system working for longer without breaking down. This way, we don’t have to spend a lot on fixing or replacing parts often.

Plus, it extends the life of our cooling units, making them last years longer than they might otherwise.

Typical Servicing Timetable for Residential Aircons

We recommend servicing your home air conditioning units every three months. This timetable suits most homes where the aircon runs less than 6-8 hours daily. For those of us using our cooling systems more intensely, a monthly check-up ensures everything stays in top shape.

If you use your unit for less than 60 hours weekly, quarterly maintenance fits well.

Annual deep cleaning is necessary too. We tackle every part that might cause trouble—air filters, evaporator coils, and the outdoor unit get special attention during this time. Keep an eye out for warning signs like weird noises or leaks; these mean it’s time to call us at iCare Aircon sooner.

Servicing Schedule for Commercial Air Conditioning Units

For commercial air conditioning units, they need service every three to four months. This is crucial for systems that work hard in big spaces. Spaces larger than 100 square meters often need a special check to set the right service times.

We look at what the brand says and what the place uses its AC for. This helps us plan services that keep everything cool without trouble.

We also fit these checks into a facilities maintenance program. This makes sure industrial cooling units get looked after properly. Things like how much the unit is used and where it’s put play a big part in deciding when to service it.

Our team works to make sure your business stays comfortable, your energy costs stay low, and your air stays clean.

Insightful Tips on Maintaining Your Aircon

Keeping your aircon in top shape is easier than you think. We’ve got smart tips to help you out, like using a vacuum cleaner on the external unit and checking the circuit breaker if power issues pop up.

Want to learn more tricks for smooth running? Stick with us.

Detecting Urgent Aircon Servicing Needs

We know odd sounds from your aircon mean trouble. Buzzing or rattling suggests it’s time to call in experts. Smells and leaks also shout for immediate help. These are not just minor problems; they signal big issues that need quick fixes.

If your room doesn’t cool down like it should, the aircon isn’t working right.

Our team checks everything – from dirty air filters that block airflow to refrigerant levels that keep the air cold. We even look at electrical parts like circuit breakers and fuses, ensuring power flows safely.

Regular maintenance stops these serious problems before they start costing you more money and comfort.

Avoiding Common Aircon Servicing Errors

To keep aircon units running well, avoiding mistakes during servicing is key. One common error is neglecting the condenser unit outside. It needs cleaning to prevent blockages that hurt efficiency.

Many forget this step, thinking only the inside parts matter.

Ignoring clear signs of problems like strange noises or weak airflow leads to bigger issues. We often find filters clogged with dust and debris because they weren’t checked regularly.

Changing or cleaning these can cut down on allergies and improve air quality quickly.

Skipping regular checks for refrigerant leaks or electrical connections can turn small fixes into costly repairs. At iCare Aircon, we make sure every part of your HVAC system gets attention—from ductwork inspections to thermostat settings adjustments—for optimal climate control and energy savings.

Also, using the wrong tools or parts not made for your specific aircon model causes more harm than good. We use just the right equipment and high-quality replacements suitable for your unit.

Lastly, service intervals shouldn’t be overlooked. If you use your air conditioner a lot, it may need servicing more often than you think—to stay efficient and avoid breakdowns.

Selecting a Trustworthy Aircon Servicing Company

Finding a reliable aircon servicing company needs a sharp eye and knowing what matters. We at iCare Aircon stand out for our dedication and skill, having grown since 2016 into a leader in Singapore’s air conditioning service sector.

Look for companies with proven experience and positive customer feedback. This shows they handle air conditioner maintenance well, from central systems to room units.

Choose firms offering clear details about their services — like checking the power supply, cleaning condenser coils, and ensuring your HVAC unit runs smoothly. A trustworthy company lists its tasks clearly, including inspecting ducts and troubleshooting guide usage.

Our team makes sure clients understand each step we take to boost their system’s energy efficiency and prevent common aircon problems. Trust comes with transparency about actions taken during visits.

Components of Standard Aircon Servicing

We always start with cleaning filters and ducts to remove dust, dirt, and allergens. This ensures your air-conditioning units run smoothly. Next, we check for leaks in the system to keep it efficient.

Inspecting cooling efficiency is another key step; we make sure your unit cools as it should.

Chemical cleaning is part of our annual service or sooner if the unit looks dirty. We also listen for unusual sounds and sniff out odd smells to catch problems early. This complete checklist keeps your central air conditioning systems in top shape, helping avoid major repairs down the line.


Keeping your aircon in top shape is key, especially in Singapore’s heat. For home units, a check every three months keeps them running smoothly. If you’re using it for more than 6-8 hours daily, consider monthly checks.

Regular checks prevent big issues and save on energy costs. Choose iCare Aircon to keep things cool and efficient with their skilled team. They ensure your comfort without the hassle, making life a bit easier for you.


1. How often should we service our central air conditioner in Singapore?

We need to service it twice a year. This keeps the aircon running smoothly, reduces energy consumption, and prevents mildew caused by humidity.

2. Why is regular servicing important for room air conditioners?

Regular servicing stops moisture build-up that can harm the printed circuit board and other parts. It also fights exposure to elements like rain and sun.

3. What parts of the air conditioning system do we focus on during a service?

We check the evaporators, fuse box, and smart thermostat… We also clean the air ducts to ensure everything works as it should.

4. Can regular maintenance of my air-conditioner help with asthma?

Yes! Removing dust and preventing mould growth, improves indoor air quality, helping those with asthma breathe easier.

5. What happens if we skip servicing our fridge or A/C unit?

Skipping leads to water leaks, higher electricity bills due to reduced efficiency…and eventually costly repairs or replacement needs.


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