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Aircon Chemical Wash In Singapore

Ensuring your air conditioning units are in prime condition is not just about maintaining comfort; it’s pivotal, particularly with Singapore’s relentless climate. One service that often slips under the radar but is paramount for peak cooling efficiency and energy conservation is the chemical wash – a process that can make all the difference.

Here at iCare Aircon, we’ve committed decades to perfecting our craft in air conditioning services. Under the experienced guidance of James Tan, our team brings over twenty years of expertise to the table, blending cutting-edge technology with traditional methods to offer you unparalleled service quality.

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Explaining Aircon Chemical Wash

A technician in protective gear performing an aircon chemical wash.

Aircon chemical wash means we deep clean the air conditioner. We use special chemicals to remove dirt, mould, and bacteria from parts like filters, evaporator coils, and condenser units.

This process involves checking and filling up aircon gas too. It’s more than just a simple cleanup; it ensures your cooling system works well without any unusual noises or problems.

We at iCare Aircon do this by taking apart the air conditioning system carefully. Then, we clean each part with our safe but effective chemicals. These include parts where dust and mildew often hide, causing bad air quality in your home.

After washing these components thoroughly, we put everything back together so your air conditioner can work perfectly again.

Benefits of Aircon Chemical Wash

A chemical wash for your aircon unit does wonders. It lubricates fan bearings, making them run quietly and smoothly. This keeps the noise down in your home. Also, it cleans the fan evaporator coil well.

This means better heat transfer, so your room gets cooler faster.

Cleaning helps avoid big problems like refrigerant leaks or compressor issues. Think about this – a clean system won’t have to work as hard. Less strain means less chance of breaking down suddenly.

Plus, regular chemical washes keep indoor air fresh and clean by stopping mould growth in its tracks. With iCare Aircon’s service, expect your air conditioner to work efficiently and save you from unexpected repair costs or health concerns linked to poor air quality indoors.

Steps in the Aircon Chemical Washing Process

We start the aircon chemical wash by taking apart and cleaning the air-con covers and netting. This step removes all the dust and grime that’s been building up. Next, we use a brush to thoroughly clean the fan-coil unit, making sure it works efficiently again.

The water tray fin doesn’t get left out; we scrub it clean too. After this, our team vacuums the drainage pipe to ensure nothing blocks your system.

Lastly, we check the overall condition of your air-con. This includes looking at essential parts like the condenser coil and checking if your circuit breakers are in good shape. We make sure everything is running smoothly before we finish up.

Our process guarantees your air conditioning systems work better and last longer without any extra hassle for you.

Factors Influencing Aircon Chemical Wash Costs

Many things change the price of aircon chemical washes. The number of fan coil units is a big one. More units mean more work and higher costs. Then, there’s the type of your air conditioner system – whether it’s a central unit or room air conditioner can affect the price too.

Transportation and GST at 9% also play their part in setting the final cost. Our team considers all these when planning service packages. This ensures you get fair prices for keeping your cooling systems in top shape, no matter how complex the job might be.

Typical Costs for Aircon Chemical Wash in Singapore

In Singapore, cleaning your aircon with chemicals costs between $80 and $150 for each wall-mount AC. This process helps keep your indoor air quality high and your unit running smoothly.

At iCare Aircon, we ensure that every penny you spend brings value to your home’s climate control system. For cassette units needing a chemical overhaul—the more thorough clean—it ranges from $390 to $450 per piece.

We also offer services like general servicing of compressors at $90 per unit and deeper cleans known as chemical washing for compressors at $130 each. These prices allow homeowners to maintain their HVAC systems without breaking the bank, ensuring efficient operation and preventing common aircon problems such as dirty filters or short cycling.

Cost Comparison: Chemical Wash versus Chemical Overhaul

An technician is cleaning an air conditioning unit with a chemical wash.

A chemical wash might cost less than a complete overhaul. Think of it like this: for a JetStyle Chemical Overhaul with Pressure Jet Washer, you pay $160.00 nett. You can add the first Jet Wash Condensing Unit for an extra $90.00.

On the other hand, an overhaul for cassette units ranges between $390 to $450 per unit.

We at iCare Aircon want to make sure you choose wisely between these options. If your air conditioner just needs a bit of freshening up, a chemical wash does well and saves money. But if your system faces serious issues, such as major blockages or damage in the ductwork or blower, then paying more for an overhaul is worth it to avoid bigger problems later on.

Various Aircon Chemical Wash Packages Available

We offer a range of aircon chemical wash packages to suit every need. For wall-mounted units, prices start at $50 for one unit, with discounts for multiple units – two units cost $60 and three for $75.

Those looking for yearly care can choose our annual contract services starting at $170 for one wall-mount aircon. This plan covers multiple sessions throughout the year, ensuring your air conditioner stays in peak condition.

For larger cassette systems, servicing begins at $70 for a single unit. If you have more than one, the price per unit drops to $50 when servicing between two to nine units. All our plans ensure your cooling systems are clean and run efficiently, keeping indoor air quality high and energy costs low.

We guarantee satisfaction across all services we provide at iCare Aircon.

Recommended Frequency of Aircon Chemical Washes

Experts say you should get an aircon chemical wash once a year. This keeps your air conditioner working well and stops dirt from building up. For systems used more often or in dusty areas, doing this twice a year is better.

At iCare Aircon, we check your unit carefully to suggest the best schedule for you.

Our team looks at things like how often you use your aircon and if it’s in a humid place. Based on this, we might advise more frequent washes. This helps avoid big repairs later and saves money on energy bills by keeping your aircon efficient.

Advantages of Frequent Chemical Washing

Frequent chemical washing makes air conditioners run like new. It gets rid of dirt from air filters and keeps the central air conditioner efficient. This means less energy is used, saving money on bills.

Our team at iCare Aircon ensures that every wash checks refrigerant levels and cleans fan blades thoroughly. We pay close attention to outdoor units too, removing any potential blockages.

This regular care prevents big problems. It stops corrosion and damage to important parts like the condenser coils and printed circuit board. Also, clean air means healthier air inside homes, reducing exposure to harmful particles.

Plus, with everything running smoothly, there’s less need for urgent repairs or troubleshooting. So, families enjoy cool comfort without sudden breakdowns or extra costs.

Selecting a Trustworthy Aircon Service Provider

Finding the right aircon service provider takes a bit of effort. We always check reviews and comments from past customers. They tell us about their experiences with reliability, professionalism, efficiency, and prices.

Glenn and his team at iCare Aircon get high marks for all these things.

We make sure they can handle different tasks – from cleaning dirty air filters to fixing power supply issues in central air conditioning systems. This shows they know what they’re doing with any HVAC unit or air-conditioned space.

Trusting your cooling needs to experts like us means less trouble later on.

Additional Details on Aircon Chemical Wash

For those daring to tackle aircon chemical washes themselves, we’ve got some safety tips you’ll need. Plus, we talk about the cleaning solutions often used in these washes.

Safety Tips for DIY Aircon Chemical Wash

We always stress safety first. Doing a DIY aircon chemical wash involves certain risks, so wearing the right safety equipment is crucial. You’ll need gloves to protect your hands from harsh chemicals and safety goggles for your eyes.

These substances can be caustic and cause serious harm.

Make sure the power is off at the fuse box before you start. This stops any chance of electrical shocks while handling the air conditioner’s parts during cleaning. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris before applying any chemical solution.

This step prevents dirt from mixing with liquid cleaners, which could spread unwanted particles back into the air when you turn on the unit again.

When dealing with disinfectant or any chemical used in the wash, do it in a well-ventilated area. This keeps harmful fumes away from your breathing space, reducing health risks associated with inhaling these compounds.

Lastly, after washing, let all parts dry completely before reassembling and turning back on your A/C. Moisture left inside can lead to mould growth or damage internal components over time—two things we want to avoid for effective air-conditioning maintenance.

Chemicals Commonly Used in Aircon Washes

In our aircon servicing, we use certain chemicals for a deep clean. These chemicals take away dust, dirt, and mould from parts like fan coils and condensers. They’re made just for air conditioners.

This means they get rid of all the bad stuff without harming the environment or anyone’s health.

We make sure to pick high-quality cleaning agents that boost your aircon’s performance. Regular use keeps your unit running smooth, stops leaks, and bad smells, and makes it cool better.

For top results in our chemical washes at iCare Aircon, choosing the right substances and applying them correctly is key.


Aircon chemical wash prices in Singapore vary, but iCare Aircon guarantees competitive rates. Our team offers a range of packages for different unit numbers, each designed to meet your needs perfectly.

With expert technicians like us, you’ll see energy savings and enjoy a cooler home more quickly. We also provide safety tips and use the best chemicals to ensure your air conditioner runs smoothly.

Count on us for reliable service that keeps your air cool and clean all year round.


1. How much does an aircon chemical wash cost in Singapore?

We find, on average, the price ranges from $100 to $150. Factors like air conditioner size and condition play a role.

2. What benefits come with doing a chemical wash for your air conditioner?

A chemical wash clears out dirt and blockages in the air ducts improves energy saving by ensuring your unit runs efficiently, and prevents common issues that could lead to bigger problems.

3. When should we consider getting a chemical wash for our air conditioner?

If you notice poor cooling performance, strange noises, or bad smells coming from the unit… It’s time. Typically, once a year is good for maintenance.

4. Can iCare Aircon handle both my refrigerator and heater as well as my aircon needs?

Yes! iCare Aircon specialises not just in air conditioners but also offers services for refrigerators and heaters – ensuring all are running smoothly and safely.