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Deciding on Whether to Install Centralized Aircon in Your Home

Chances are you have friends who have upgraded their homes and with the upgrade comes their own centralized air conditioning unit. It makes you reconsider the cooling system in your own house as well and is considering to have your own centralized aircon as well.

You are not the only one. However, it is also unfortunate how many homeowners make this decision on a brink, and end up with regrets along with their sky rocketing electric bills. While it is true that centralized AC can truly be a nightmare for your bills, having the right factors figured out will save you from this horror.

Here are some of the things to consider before installing centralized AC:

1. Centralized AC will cost more in terms of installation. This is one thing that you need to readily consider before shifting to a centralized cooling system. Apparently, centralized aircon is more expensive, while the installation is also more intricate as the aircon will not be that visibe in the house. Aircon specialists will likewise carefully assess the best location for the AC unit, relative to the structure of your house and rooms.

2. House ownership. Speaking of meticulous installation, having centralized aircons is only advisable for those who actually own the property and are not in a rented building. This is because the installation process may permanently affect house fixtures. You may likewise seek clearance from your landlord if this is a situation they are amendable with.

3. Number of rooms requiring an aircon. Another important question you need to ask yourself is whether the place is really huge enough to require centralized airconditioning. If for instance you are comfortable enough with having two window type aircons on both bedrooms of the house, then it would still be much more cost and energy efficient compared to centralized AC. It only becomes more practical when your house already uses three or more smaller aircon types, then centralized AC will be a worth it cost in the long run.

4. House Ventilation. This is another crucial factor to consider before going centralized. While bedrooms are relatively easy to seal, there is a higher chance that other parts of the house are not sealed enough to ensure efficient airconditioning. Check the ventilation source around your house, and whether this would be enough to actually let some air in instead of immediately going for centralized AC. In fact, you have more open spaces in the house, you can utilize this to explore more environment and budget friendly ways to keep the house cool and refreshing enough without the need for a centralized aircon.

5. House routine. Are there constant people in the house? Where do people usually stay when inside the house? These questions will also help you decide whether it truly is efficient to centralize the airconditioning or simply limit it to rooms or areas where people spend most of their resting time in.

If you have more questions about centralized AC and other types of airconditioning you can talk to our professional aircon specialists for a comprehensive consultation.

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