How AC Servicing Is Done: Understanding The Process

Caring for your air conditioning unit is paramount in maintaining a comfortable haven at home, particularly when the mercury rises. While some may view air conditioner maintenance as challenging and dear, regular check-ups can fend off hefty costs down the line by prolonging the lifespan of your unit and boosting its efficiency.

It’s well understood that an AC in tip-top shape doesn’t just work better, it’s kinder on your purse strings too with lower energy bills.

At iCare Aircon, our two decades of dedication to servicing and repairing air conditioners throughout Singapore have honed our approach to keeping your cooling system humming beautifully.

From straightforward routine inspections to unravelling more complex conundrums affecting performance, our mission is always centred around enhancing your indoor climate comfort while making energy use more economical.

Discover how professional AC servicing from us can elevate your home comfort and contribute positively to your well-being.

Key Takeaways

  • Servicing your AC regularly can save money and energy by catching small issues before they get big.
  • Cleaning parts like filters and coils is a must to keep the air in your home clean and prevent health problems.
  • Checking refrigerant levels, airflow, and thermostat settings ensures your system runs smoothly without wasting electricity.
  • Professionals like iCare Aircon use precise tools and techniques for maintenance, which helps extend the life of your AC unit.
  • You should have a technician service your air conditioner at least once a year for the best performance.

Initial Inspection and Diagnosis

We start by turning off the power supply to ensure safety. Next, we place paper or towels under the unit to catch any dust and water. Wearing masks is a must to protect ourselves from dust particles.

Our first step involves a detailed look at your air conditioning system. We check for signs of wear in parts like filters, evaporator coils, and condenser units. Looking for unusual noises or odours helps us spot problems early.

Next, we inspect the circuit breaker and fuse box for any issues that could interrupt power flow to your HVAC unit. This includes checking if there’s a need for troubleshooting any electrical connections that seem out of place or worn out.

By doing this initial inspection carefully, we can diagnose most aircon problems efficiently, saving you time and money on repairs later.

Cleaning the Air Filters

We open the lock on the side of the split air conditioner to access the indoor part. Then, we remove two filters from this unit. Next, we clean these dirty air filters under running tap water and make sure they are dry.

This process helps in maintaining good air quality and ensures your HVAC system runs efficiently.

Keeping these filters clean prevents dust and dirt from blocking airflow. It also stops harmful particles from getting into your room, making it safe for people with health issues like asthma.

We at iCare Aircon always stress that a clean air filter is key to an energy-efficient home cooling system.

Checking and Cleaning the Condenser Coils

We always check the condenser coils on your outdoor unit. These coils release heat from inside to outdoors. Dirt blocks this process, so cleaning is vital. We use a soft brush and gentle water spray for this task.

It’s important because dirty coils make your system work harder, using more energy.

Our team takes care of the sharp fins on these coils. We clean them in up and down motions to avoid damage. This maintenance keeps your air conditioning system running smoothly, ensuring it cools effectively without wasting electricity.

Vacuuming the Water Drainage Pipe

We tackle cleaning the water drainage pipe with a vacuum cleaner. This step ensures no blockage in the system. Dirt or debris can cause pooling water, which we check and clear if found.

This action helps dust settle in the drain tray and flow out through the drainpipe, preventing any future issues with water backing up or leaking from your air conditioning unit. Our goal is to keep your cooling system running smoothly without interruptions caused by clogged pipes.

Inspecting the Refrigerant Levels

We always check the refrigerant levels in your air conditioning system. This step is crucial for its safe and efficient operation. Low or high refrigerant can lead to problems like not enough cooling or putting extra strain on the compressor.

Our team uses precise tools to measure the amount of refrigerant. If we find a leak, we fix it right away and refill the system to the correct level. This ensures your air conditioner works well, saving energy and money over time.

Cleaning and Maintaining the Evaporator Coils

Close-up of clean evaporator coils surrounded by plastic sheeting.

We tackle the evaporator coils with care, ensuring your air conditioning system runs smoothly. First, we remove the cover and gently clean the coils with a normal toothbrush. This step is crucial for preventing mildew and ensuring efficient heat exchange.

For parts like the motor and wiring, we use a plastic sheet to protect them during this process. Our experience shows that such attention to detail makes a big difference in your unit’s performance and energy efficiency.

Examining the Thermostat Settings

We check and adjust the thermostat to make sure it’s accurate. Sometimes, thermostats can be off. This means your air conditioning might not work as it should. We use a thermometer to measure the real temperature inside the ducts.

Then we compare this with what the thermostat says. If they don’t match, we calibrate your thermostat. This helps keep your home at the perfect temperature and saves energy.

Our team also makes sure that smart thermostats are linked correctly to all parts of your climate control system. If you have a central air conditioner, ensuring the thermostat is properly connected helps prevent short cycling and overuse of energy.

Proper settings help maintain indoor air quality too by controlling humidity levels in your home.

Ensuring Proper Airflow and Ductwork

We ensure the AC’s airflow is smooth and reaches every corner of your home. For this, we check air ducts for blockages or leaks that might stop the air from moving freely. We know how vital clean ductwork is for efficient air conditioning systems.

Our team uses specialised tools to clear any clogs and repair holes in the ducts.

Airflow checks are a regular part of our service calls. We assess blower components too, making sure they push out enough air. If parts seem weak or damaged, we fix or replace them right away.

This keeps your room air conditioners and central systems running well, saving energy and keeping you cool.

Testing the System for Efficiency

We switch on the air conditioner to check its cooling effect. This step tells us if the unit cools spaces as expected. We also measure temperatures and examine refrigerant lines. These actions show whether the AC operates at top efficiency or needs more work.

Next, we test the system’s overall performance. It involves checking energy consumption and making sure all parts, like circuit breakers and HVAC systems, work well together. Our goal is to see that your central air conditioning runs smoothly, saving you money on energy bills in the long run.

Final System Check and Performance Evaluation

We ensure all components are securely in place after servicing. Next, we put the filters back in their original spots and sealed up the indoor unit. This step is crucial for your aircon’s overall health and performance.

Now, it’s time for a thorough system check and performance evaluation. Our team runs a series of tests to confirm every part of your air conditioning unit functions perfectly. We look at efficiency, checking if there’s any refrigerant leak or if the airflow meets standard requirements.

Our goal? To make sure your central air conditioning systems work smoothly, keeping you cool without wasting energy.

Supplementary Insights on AC Servicing

Keeping your AC running well isn’t just about fixing it when it breaks. It’s about regular check-ups that keep everything in top shape, making sure you save money on energy and don’t face big troubles later.

Knowing how often to get these check-ups and picking the right team for the job are key steps to worry-free cooling at home.

Importance of Regular AC Maintenance

Regular AC maintenance stops small issues from getting big, saving you money and trouble. It keeps your aircon working well, so it uses less power and keeps your bills down. By cleaning parts like filters and coils, we remove bacteria and dirt.

This makes sure the air in your home is clean, keeping you healthy. Our team at iCare Aircon checks everything to make sure your unit lasts longer without breaking down.

Having us service your AC regularly also means fewer surprises. We spot problems before they turn into expensive repairs or cause the unit to stop working. Plus, a well-maintained air conditioner cools better, making your home more comfortable during hot days.

We aim to keep your system efficient, reducing energy use and helping the environment too.

How Often Should You Service Your AC?

You should get a service technician to check your aircon once a year. Victor Belarus says to have it professionally serviced every other year. This keeps your air-conditioning system running smoothly, saving energy and avoiding unexpected breakdowns.

At iCare Aircon, we ensure your unit gets the best care to maintain its efficiency and prolong its life.

Choosing the Right AC Service Provider

Picking the right AC service provider in Singapore is crucial. With iCare Aircon, clients get guaranteed expertise and reliable services. We hold a licence, ensuring that every aircon servicing or repair we do meets high standards.

Servicing costs can range between $50-140, depending on your system size. Our team uses advanced techniques for troubleshooting and preventative maintenance, focusing on energy saving.

This makes us stand out in offering solutions that fit perfectly with Singapore’s unique climate.

We also check each part of your air conditioner carefully—filters, coils, pipes—and adjust settings as needed to improve airflow and efficiency. For cleaning or fixing any part of your A/C—from air coolers to heaters—we make sure everything runs smoothly after our visit.

Our dedication to using cutting-edge technology means we’re always ready to tackle any issue head-on, providing you peace of mind about your home’s cooling needs.

Additional Services in AC Maintenance

We also offer more services in AC upkeep. These include air duct cleaning, bearing replacement, and fixing printed circuit boards. Our team checks and swaps out worn-out fuses. We make sure every part of your air-conditioned space works well.

Our service goes beyond just a simple overhaul. We tackle complex issues like troubleshooting refrigerant leaks, ensuring filtration systems work properly, and maintaining the furnace for those with combined heating and cooling systems.

Every step we take aims to improve your AC’s efficiency and lifespan.


We’ve walked you through the steps to service an air conditioner. From initial checks to final system evaluations, each part matters. Keeping filters clean and making sure everything inside works right keeps your AC running smoothly.

Regular maintenance prevents big problems and saves money in the long run. For expert care, reach out to us at iCare Aircon, We make sure your cooling system stays in top shape year-round.


1. How do we begin AC servicing?

First, we examine your aircon for common issues. This involves troubleshooting to identify any problems with bearings or other parts that might affect performance.

2. What’s included in a standard service?

We clean filters, check refrigerant levels, and ensure no exposure damages your system’s components. It’s thorough, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

3. Can you explain the importance of bearings in AC servicing?

Bearings play a crucial role; they reduce friction in the motor, allowing it to run efficiently. If they’re worn out, your aircon won’t work as well.

4. Why is troubleshooting important in AC maintenance?

Troubleshooting helps us find problems early on so that we can fix them before they worsen—saving time and money down the line.

For expert care of your air conditioning system, contact iCare Aircon at today!

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