How Long Does Aircon Servicing Take?

Understanding how long aircon servicing takes is key to keeping your home running smoothly. Many think it’s a drawn-out affair, but in reality, a standard service only requires about 20 to 30 minutes per unit – a revelation for numerous homeowners.

This bit of insight aids in planning and ensures that your cooling systems are at their peak performance without throwing off your daily schedule.

At iCare Aircon, where I hold the position of Lead Technician, we pride ourselves on bringing over two decades of know-how to each task. Our crew excels in providing dependable and swift service for every kind of air conditioner.

Appreciating the value of your time, we strive to be both thorough and efficient. Prepare yourself for some enlightening tips on maintaining your air conditioning units in pristine condition.

Key Takeaways

  • Aircon servicing usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes per unit for a standard check-up and cleaning.
  • If your air conditioner needs a chemical cleaning, it will take around 30 to 40 minutes per unit.
  • A complete chemical overhaul of an aircon unit requires roughly an hour to finish.
  • The time needed for servicing can increase if there are technical problems or if parts need replacing.
  • Regular maintenance is important for keeping your air conditioner working well, saving energy, and reducing repair costs.

Typical Duration for Standard Aircon Servicing

We spend about 20-30 minutes servicing each air conditioning unit. This time frame ensures every part, from air filters to evaporator coils, gets checked and cleaned properly. We focus on making sure the unit runs smoothly without rushing through the process.

Our team at iCare Aircon works efficiently to get your system back in top shape quickly, covering all essential steps while keeping disruption to your day minimal.

Time Required for Chemical Cleaning

An engineer cleans air conditioning unit components using special chemicals.

Chemical cleaning needs 30 to 40 minutes per air conditioning unit. This process includes using special chemicals to clean different parts of the unit like filters and coils. We make sure every part gets cleaned properly, ensuring your air conditioner works well again.

This method helps in removing dirt, dust, and other particles that can stop your cooling system from running smoothly. So, with us at iCare Aircon, you can trust that we handle this efficiently within the noted time frame.

Our team uses the right tools and follows safety measures during chemical cleaning for the best results.

Duration of a Chemical Overhaul

A chemical overhaul for each aircon unit takes us about 1 hour. This process involves a thorough cleaning with a chemical solution. It removes dust, dirt stains, mould, sticky debris, and other build-ups that can harm your air conditioning system.

At iCare Aircon, we ensure this time is well spent improving the health and efficiency of your HVAC unit.

During this service, we cover every part that needs attention – from the filters to the condenser coils outside. The chemicals used are safe but powerful against unwanted accumulations inside your aircon.

After our team is done, your cooling machines will run smoother and cooler than before.

Factors That Affect Servicing Time

We know that dirt, debris, and dust build-up can slow down our work. Cleaning them out takes time. If your aircon’s filters or ducts are clogged, we’ll need extra minutes to clear them.

Sometimes, parts like the circuit breaker or compressor wear out and must be replaced. Finding the right part and fitting it correctly also adds to our job time.

Technical hitches can pop up too. Maybe there’s a tricky refrigerant leak or an electrical issue with the power supply or fuse box. Fixing these isn’t always straightforward and can extend how long we’re with you.

Also, if your system has several units – like both a central air conditioner for the whole house plus room air conditioners – servicing each one properly means we’ll be around longer.

Time to Replace Components

A wide-angle shot of an outdoor air conditioning unit being inspected.

Sometimes parts in your air conditioning system wear out and need replacing. This can add time to the servicing process. At iCare Aircon, we see this often with components like circuit breakers, outdoor units, and condenser units.

If a part must be ordered, it could delay finishing the job.

We always check things like refrigerant levels and inspect for leaks or unusual noises that suggest a part is failing. Replacing these parts promptly keeps your system running smoothly.

It’s important for maintaining good air quality and energy efficiency in your home.

Technical Issues That Extend Servicing Duration

Technical issues can make aircon servicing take longer. Complex problems, like a broken printed circuit board or a dirty air filter, need extra time to fix. We might find these during routine maintenance or when checking for aircon problems.

Fixing them can add hours or even days to the job.

We also face challenges with central air conditioning systems and HVAC units that have airflow issues or short cycling. These need thorough checks and sometimes parts replacement. Ensuring clean air and dependability in your climate control takes effort.

Each technical hiccup means more time ensuring everything works perfectly again.

Servicing Time for Multiple Aircon Units

We understand that homes and offices often have more than one aircon unit. Servicing multiple units takes longer. Most services need two to four hours for a single unit. For several units, this time increases.

We plan our work to make sure we finish everything in one visit.

Our team tackles each airconditioning system with care, checking indoor air quality and ensuring the ductwork is clear of mildew and debris. If your home has three air conditioners, think of it taking roughly six to twelve hours.

This depends on their condition and if there are complex issues needing extra attention. We always aim for efficiency, reducing disruption to your day while covering all essential maintenance steps.

Inspection and Checking: How Long Does It Take?

Inspecting and checking your air-conditioning unit takes about an hour. During this time, we look at every part closely. We check the air ducts, filters, and coolant levels to make sure everything works right.

Our team uses tools like a vacuum cleaner for cleaning out dust and debris. We also measure humidity levels inside to ensure your system runs efficiently. This step is key for keeping your aircon in top shape and spotting any issues early on.

Each inspection helps us catch problems before they grow big, saving you time and money later.

Aircon Servicing Checklist: Essential Steps

We always start with a thorough inspection to catch any issues. This includes checking the HVAC system, ensuring the thermostat works right, and looking at all connections. We clean filters and remove any dirt or debris that blocks airflow.

Vacuuming inside units is crucial for preventing dust build-up. For energy efficiency, we make sure the heat exchange components are clean and work well. Our team checks for water leaks and corrects them to avoid damage.

Next, we examine electrical components for safety and performance. Servicing also involves pumping refrigerant to maintain cooling power. Regular maintenance covers these steps to keep air conditioners running smoothly and extend their lifespan.

Removing Cleanliness and Debris

Keeping your air conditioner free of dirt and debris is crucial. Our team at iCare Aircon uses a chemical solution that gets rid of the gunk. This mix cleans out dust, mould, and sticky stuff from your unit.

It makes sure your air conditioning works well and saves energy.

This step helps prevent future issues with your machine. Cleaning keeps it running smoothly and stops parts from wearing out too fast. So, you won’t have to fix or replace things as often.

Plus, a clean air conditioner keeps your home more comfortable without using too much electricity.

Why Regular Maintenance Is Crucial

Regular maintenance keeps air conditioners working well. It stops big problems before they start. This saves money and extends the air conditioner’s life. We check everything is running smoothly, so it uses less power.

Less energy used means cheaper bills for you.

We clean parts and fix small issues during service visits. This ensures every part does its job right, from smart thermostats to filters. A well-maintained unit makes your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

Rely on iCare Aircon to take care of your cooling needs with regular checks and upkeep.


So, how long does aircon servicing take? It varies. Standard servicing wraps up in about 20 to 30 minutes for each unit. If it’s a chemical clean, expect 30 to 40 minutes per machine.

A full chemical overhaul? That’ll take us around an hour per piece. The timing hinges on several elements—how dirty the system is if parts need swapping out, or if we hit any technical snags.

In essence, keeping your air conditioner shipshape cuts down repair costs and bumps up efficiency. At iCare Aircon, our two decades of expertise ensure your units get top-notch care fast and effectively.

And don’t forget—if you’ve got multiple units or face bigger issues, give us a shout; those jobs might just take a bit longer.

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1. How long does a basic aircon service take?

Usually, it takes about 1 to 2 hours… simple!

2. Will deep cleaning my aircon take longer?

Yes, expect around 2 to 4 hours for a thorough clean.

3. Can installing new parts during service extend the time needed?

Adding parts can push it up by an hour or more.

4. Does servicing multiple aircons at once save time?

Not really; each unit adds on its own time – but techs manage well!

5. If my aircon is old, will that affect service duration?

Sometimes, yes… older units might need extra TLC and more time.

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