How Often Should You Chemical Wash Your Aircon?

Maintaining an air conditioning system goes beyond simply keeping it operational; it’s crucial for ensuring it runs at its utmost efficiency. Experts reckon that without regular maintenance, an air conditioner can lose up to 5% of its efficiency annually.

This fact alone ought to encourage homeowners to give their cooling systems the attention they deserve.

At iCare Aircon, led by the highly experienced James Tan with more than twenty years in the industry, we have honed our approach to perfection. Our experience underscores the significance of chemical washing—a vital service that ensures your unit functions smoothly and keeps your home snug and comfortable.

Are you ready to explore how often this should be done?

Key Takeaways

  • Chemical washing your aircon every six months keeps it running well and saves energy.
  • If you use your AC a lot or live in dusty or humid places, consider getting it cleaned more often.
  • Regular cleaning prevents mould, bad smells, and water leaks, and makes the unit last longer.
  • Between professional cleans, check and clean filters monthly to stop dirt from slowing down airflow.
  • Choose a trusted service like iCare Aircon for skilled maintenance that cuts power costs and improves air quality.

Importance of Chemical Washing Your Aircon

Chemical washing keeps air conditioners working well. It makes sure they run at up to 95% of their best every year. We take apart the cooling unit and clean each bit with a special solution.

This checks for any hidden issues too. Aircons need this deep clean to avoid problems like mould, bad smells, and blockages that make them work harder.

Doing this saves energy and cuts down on electric bills. A well-maintained system won’t break as often, saving money on fixes or replacing parts early. Plus, it means cool, clean air inside homes without any odd noises or smells from the cooling system.

Recommended Frequency for Chemical Washing

A well-maintained air conditioning unit in a pristine natural setting.

We should get our air conditioning units chemically cleaned every six months. This routine keeps them running well. For those of us using our systems more or in places with a lot of dust or humidity, monthly checks might be better.

At iCare Aircon, we’ve found through experience that sticking to these times helps avoid bigger aircon problems later on. So, count on cleaning your evaporator coils and air filters with this schedule to keep the whole system healthy.

Factors Influencing Cleaning Frequency

Aircon units need cleaning more often if they work hard. Heavy use, high dust areas, and humid climates make air dirty quickly. Our homes close to the sea or busy roads also see aircon picking up more dirt.

This means they must be cleaned more than others.

The type of unit matters too. Central air conditioning systems and room conditioners have different needs. Central ones might get by with less frequent cleanings compared to individual room units exposed to direct usage and varying conditions.

We check each part of your system – from the ductwork to the outdoor unit – ensuring we catch any potential issues like a refrigerant leak or a dirty air filter early on.

Signs Your Aircon Needs a Chemical Wash

We notice our air conditioning doesn’t cool the room as before. This is a clear sign we need to think about a chemical wash. Sometimes, water leaks from our cooling units. This also tells us it’s time for deep cleaning.

We catch whiffs of unpleasant smells coming from the unit, suggesting mildew or mould might be hiding inside. A sudden drop in performance hints at blocked pipes or dirty coils needing attention.

Our team at iCare Aircon has seen these issues too often with both central and room air conditioners. Regular maintenance avoids short cycling and keeps energy consumption low, saving on bills.

If you hear unusual noises or see that your HVAC system struggles to maintain climate control, give us a call. It might mean there’s dirt affecting critical parts like condenser coils or blower fans – it indicates a need for a chemical treatment to restore efficiency and hygiene.

Supplementary Insights on Aircon Chemical Wash

Chemical washing your air cooler goes beyond a simple clean. It thoroughly addresses hidden dirt and ensures everything runs smoothly.

Overview of the Chemical Washing Process

We take apart your air conditioner to do a chemical wash. This means we remove the fan coil and soak it in a special cleaning solution. After that, we rinse it with clean water. We also grease the fan bearings to make sure they run smoothly.

Our team flushes out the drainage pipes too. We check the pressure to ensure your aircon works right.

Our process gets rid of dirt and prevents mould growth inside your aircon unit. It keeps your central air conditioner running well and saves energy by making sure everything is clean and works as it should.

With regular chemical washing, we help maintain refrigerant levels and keep circuit breakers from tripping unexpectedly due to overload or faults within the system.

Benefits of Regular Chemical Washing

Regular chemical washing brings great benefits to your aircon. It cuts down energy use, making it cheaper to cool your home. This means you pay less for power every month. Also, our skilled team at iCare Aircon ensures that dirt and mould don’t build up in your air-conditioner.

Without this gunk, air flows better and the unit works like new.

Chemical washes stop water from leaking inside and keep away bad smells too. The noise goes down because everything runs smoother. Plus, it stops big problems before they start. Your cooling system stays healthy longer, saving you money on fixing or replacing it early.

Choosing a Professional Aircon Service

Picking the right aircon service is key. We always suggest iCare Aircon for your needs in Singapore. Founded in 2016, this company shines with skilled technicians who know their way around any HVAC unit, be it an air conditioner or a heater.

They’ve got the tools and knowledge to tackle everything from a simple filter change to fixing complex printed circuit boards.

We take pride in our work at iCare Aircon. Our team includes experts like Quality Control Manager Sandra Lim, who brings 15 years of insight into every job. With our focus on using the latest technologies and commitment to exceptional service, we ensure your air-conditioning system gets the best care possible.

Rely on us for anything from regular maintenance to full-scale installations – we have you covered.

Common Problems That Can Be Avoided

A well-maintained aircon unit in a clean, clutter-free room.

Regular chemical washing of aircon units keeps them running smoothly. This prevents annoying issues like water leakage and loud noises. It also stops bad smells and mould from making your home uncomfortable.

We’ve seen it all at iCare Aircon – air conditioners breaking down, uneven cooling across rooms, and skyrocketing energy bills. With proper maintenance, these problems don’t happen.

A clean condenser unit and clear air ducts mean your system doesn’t work too hard to cool your space. This saves on power supply costs and avoids sudden breakdowns that leave you hot and bothered.

Tips for Maintaining Your Aircon Between Cleans

We always check the filter every month and clean it. This stops dirt from blocking airflow. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from vents too. Making sure these parts are free of dirt helps your aircon work better.

Also, keep an eye on the fuse box to make sure power issues don’t stop your aircon from working well. A smart thermostat can save energy by keeping the temperature just right without overworking the aircon.

Try not to put appliances that give off heat near your thermostat because this can make your aircon run more than needed.

Lastly, during cooler months, use a dehumidifier instead of running the aircon all day. This keeps moisture low and saves energy. Following these steps ensures your unit runs smoothly between professional cleans at iCare Aircon.


Chemical washing your aircon keeps it running smoothly. We at iCare Aircon recommend doing this every 6 months to a year, depending on how much you use it and where your home is located.

This ensures your cooling unit works well, uses less power, and lasts longer. Spotting signs like less cold air, leaks, or odd smells means it’s time for a wash. Our team uses special cleaners and tools to do the job right.

Regular cleaning stops bigger problems before they start. It also makes sure your machine stays efficient. If you’ve noticed any issues or it’s been a while since the last clean, reach out for professional help.

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1. How often should you chemical wash your aircon?

You must chemical wash your aircon every year. This keeps it running smoothly, saves energy, and prevents big problems.

2. Why is a yearly chemical wash important for your air conditioning unit?

A yearly wash removes dirt and grime from deep inside. It stops bad smells, reduces the need for repairs, and makes sure the air stays cool.

3. What happens if you don’t regularly chemically clean your air conditioner?

If not cleaned, your unit works harder, uses more power, and might break down sooner. You’ll face higher bills and less comfort.

4. Can regular vacuuming replace a chemical wash?

No, vacuuming only cleans the surface. A chemical wash cleans inside parts like coils and filters that vacuuming can’t reach.

5. Who can perform a professional chemical wash on my cooling system?

iCare Aircon specialises in this service., They ensure everything is done right without damaging your unit., Contact them at to book a service or learn more.

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