Will Chemical Wash Damage My Aircon?

In the bustling air conditioning maintenance world, we often encounter a rather pertinent question, “Will a chemical wash damage my aircon?” It’s a genuine concern that deserves attention.

Here at iCare Airon, with our two decades in the industry, we’re well-placed to throw some light on this topic. Our aim is not just about keeping your systems running smoothly but doing so with care and consideration.

From our experience, we know all too well that incorrect procedures can lead to unfortunate outcomes like corrosion in fan coil units or issues with electrical components. That’s why we advocate for alternatives such as steam cleaning or regular maintenance—options that ensure your peace of mind.

So rest assured, equipped with our insights and guidance; you’re making choices that benefit both your cooling systems and pocketbook alike. Stay tuned for nuggets of wisdom that might just be the lifeline your system needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Chemical washing can harm your air conditioner by causing corrosion and damaging electrical parts if not done correctly.
  • Steam cleaning and regular maintenance are safer alternatives that keep the aircon running well without using harsh chemicals.
  • It is sometimes necessary to do a chemical wash for issues like not cooling, leaking, or bad smells. When you choose this option, make sure to pick a professional service like iCare Aircon to minimise risks and ensure proper care.
  • A skilled team should perform chemical washing with careful rinsing to prevent any leftover residue or damage.

What is Aircon Chemical Wash?

An aircon chemical wash involves using chemical solutions to clean an air conditioning unit’s fan-coil and internal components. This process helps remove built-up dirt, oil, and dust that can cause your air conditioner to work harder than it needs to.

We make sure every part of the system gets attention—this includes the evaporator coils, which play a key role in cooling your home efficiently. During this deep clean, we also check parts like the circuit breaker and refrigerant levels to ensure everything works perfectly.

Our goal is to improve your air conditioner’s performance and prevent common issues such as poor cooling or unusual noises from arising.

Potential Risks of Chemical Wash

Close-up nature photography of a corroded air conditioning coil and chemical containers.

Chemical washing can harm your air conditioning system. It’s not the best for the environment either. Using strong chemicals might clean out dirt, but it also risks leaving wet areas around your unit.

These leftover liquids can hurt parts inside your air conditioner, like the fan coil and back tray. The process costs $80 per unit in Singapore, which adds up if you have multiple units to clean.

Using too much pressure during a chemical wash may cause corrosion damage to coils. This makes your aircon less efficient and could lead to bigger problems later on. Plus, if not done right, chemicals might reach electrical components inside your HVAC system.

This is risky because it could break these parts down over time or even cause short-circuiting issues. We at iCare Air understand these risks well and always advise considering them before choosing a chemical wash for your cooling units.

Corrosion of Fan Coil Unit

We know that a chemical wash can lead to corrosion of the fan coil unit in air conditioners. This happens when a strong jet of water moves dirt onto the fan coil during cleaning, causing debris buildup and later corrosion.

Often, a normal chemical wash isn’t enough to remove all the grime stuck between the coils. Even if your service is covered under warranty, this process might still harm the motherboard or other electrical components inside your HVAC unit.

So, we make sure our team at iCare Aircon uses methods that avoid such damage and keep your air conditioning system running smoothly.

Incomplete Cleaning of Fan Coil and Back Tray

Our team often sees an issue where the fan coil doesn’t get fully cleaned. Technicians skip taking it apart fully, so they miss dirty spots. The V-shaped evaporator coil traps dirt and water in the back tray.

This area is tough to reach with just a chemical wash. Dirt and water build up there can cause leaks and harm electrical parts.

This kind of neglect leads to bigger aircon problems down the line. Without dismantling every part, technicians can’t clean all areas well. Accumulated dirty water in these hidden sections risks damaging crucial components like circuit breakers and printed circuit boards, vital for smooth operation.

Such oversight doesn’t just affect performance; it threatens your system’s health too.

Potential Harm to Electrical Components

Technician inspects and cleans AC electrical components with macro photography.

Chemical washes can put your air conditioning system’s electrical parts at risk. If water from the back tray seeps into the fan coil, it may damage the motherboard and other vital components.

This means you could be without cool air for days. A job not done right might even cause compressor failure. Such issues need repairs, leaving you in discomfort for a while. We make sure to handle every component with care to prevent these problems.

Alternatives to Chemical Wash

Steam cleaning and regular upkeep are good choices instead of chemical wash. They keep your aircon in top shape without the harsh effects. Want to know more about these options? Keep reading, and we’ll show you how they work and why they might be better for your cooling system at home.

Steam Cleaning

We use high-temperature steam to clean air conditioning units. This method is more environmentally friendly and also more affordable than traditional chemical washes. It enhances air quality by removing dirt and mildew without leaving any harmful chemicals or residue behind.

The process involves heating water to produce steam, which then evaporates quickly, taking condensation with it.

Our team at iCare Aircon recommends steam cleaning for both central air conditioning systems and room air conditioners. We ensure that the procedure improves climate control within your home while being gentle on the components of your unit like the ductwork, fan coil, and air filters.

Hiring qualified professionals like us guarantees that your system benefits from this effective maintenance technique without risking damage to sensitive parts such as the electrical components or causing a refrigerant leak.

By opting for steam cleaning, you’re choosing an affordable solution that contributes to better energy saving and extends the lifespan of your device by ensuring routine maintenance is carried out correctly.

Regular Maintenance

Keeping your air conditioner in top shape is crucial. We ensure this by conducting regular maintenance. This means we check the dirty air filter, clean it or replace it if needed. Cleaning the condenser coil and checking all electrical components are also part of our routine checks at iCare Aircon.

These steps help your central air conditioner run smoothly, without short cycling or other issues.

We don’t just stop there. Vacuuming out the outdoor unit, ensuring the power supply is consistent, and inspecting for any leaks around your system form an integral part of our service.

By identifying problems early, we prevent costly repairs later on. Regular maintenance makes sure that your air-conditioner works efficiently, saving you money on energy costs and extending its lifespan significantly.

Is Chemical Wash Ever Necessary?

Yes, a chemical wash is necessary in certain situations. For aircon not cooling, leaking water, or emitting bad smells, we recommend it. This approach helps remove dust and harmful bacteria effectively when regular servicing falls short.

At iCare Aircon, we suggest considering an aircon chemical overhaul for deeper issues. Prices in Singapore start at $80 per unit for this service.

How to Minimise Risks if Opting for Chemical Wash

Pick a skilled team and make sure they rinse well.

Choosing Professional Services

We always go for qualified professionals at iCare Aircon. It’s a must to ensure your air conditioner maintenance is in skilled hands. This way, we cut down on risks of damage and boost the performance of your A/C unit.

Starting prices for our professional chemical wash services stand firm at $80 per unit.

Our team has trained eyes and hands for this job. They use the right tools and follow Singapore-specific guidelines strictly. This includes proper handling and disposal of chemicals, safeguarding both your aircon and our environment.

This precise approach ensures everything from the fan coil unit to the condenser gets fully cleaned without harm.

By choosing us, you’re not just paying for a service but investing in long-term care for your cooling system. Our experience spans over 20 years, meaning we’ve seen it all—and fixed it too! So, rest assured that with iCare Aircon’s help, you’re making a smart choice for both today and well into humid Singapore nights ahead.

Ensuring Proper Rinsing

To stop residue from sticking and to prevent corrosion, proper rinsing is key. We use high-pressure water jets with care to make sure we don’t damage the aircon’s fan coil unit. This step washes away any lingering chemicals.

We make sure every part inside, including electrical components, gets a thorough rinse. This guards against harm and ensures your aircon works well. Our team at iCare Aircon checks all parts are clean and in good shape, offering peace of mind after servicing.


So, does a chemical wash harm your air conditioner? Yes, it can if not done right. Chemical cleaning risks include corrosion and damage to electrical parts. Yet, alternatives like steam cleaning offer safer ways to keep units running smoothly.

For those times when only a chemical clean will do, choosing the right service is vital. We at iCare Aircon ensure thorough rinsing and proper care during every chem wash. Need peace of mind with your air conditioning maintenance? Reach out to us at hello@icareaircon.com for expert help.


1. Will a chemical wash harm our aircon’s performance?

Not. A proper chemical wash cleans the condenser unit and air ducts, improving heat exchange and efficiency.

2. How often should we get a chemical wash for our aircon?

For optimal performance, aim for once every year… It keeps everything from the compressor to the smart thermostat running smoothly.

3. What signs show our aircon needs a chemical wash?

Look out for poor cooling, strange noises, or increased humidity inside. These are clear indicators it’s time.

4. Can we use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust before a chemical wash?

Yes, but ensure it’s gentle on the components like the fuse box and doesn’t spread dust into sensitive parts of your system.

5. Does iCare Aircon offer specialised services for different types of air-conditioning systems?

Indeed, they do—whether it’s a simple split system or a complex setup with multiple units including heaters and refrigerators… They’ve got you covered.

To keep your air-conditioning in top shape without risking damage, reach out to us at hello@icareaircon.com.

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