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    iCare Aircon Services Company

    iCare Aircon Company works to serve our esteemed clients with the sole goal of meeting all their air conditioning needs. We delve into every project with a focus to provide high-quality aircon services for Singpore residents. We always keep in mind that having an efficiently working air conditioner will improve your quality of indoor living, and, therefore, we pull all stops to provide dedicated services.

    Our Services


    Aircon standard servicing

    Our aircon standard services are designed for this purpose; ensuring your aircon works perfectly fine. With this service, problem areas are identified and fixed, which improves the efficiency of your aircon. This also improves its life, saving money in the long run.

    Aircon Chemical Wash

    Owing to the complexity of most modern air conditioners and the accumulation of dirt and dust, a chemical wash is needed after some time. We will dismantle the device and thoroughly clean it, leaving you with an efficient aircon.

    Aircon Repair & Troubleshooting

    This service is designed to enable you to identify the problem areas when your aircon is not working. Importantly, we also offer repair services. We, therefore, identify the root cause of any problem your aircon may be experiencing and fix it

    Aircon Installation

    This service entails every aspect of installing a new aircon in our home or business premises. It involves consulting with us to determine your aircon needs, installing the aircon, and the clean-up resulting from the installation activities. 

    Here Are Why Our Customer Like Us

    Jessie Lim



    I got full cleaning, deodorizing, air purifying, and got a unit that was humming like it was brand new. Their technician was there for a day and was able to service all the ACs in our office. I knew I made the right choice.




    These guys did a full overhaul job for me a few months ago. We had an old air-conditioner that hasn't run for a long time in our ancestral home. It cooled a large room back then and we were worried it wouldn't be able to run again after a few years of not operating. They had modern equipment to do the overhaul and it went as smoothly as possible. No wonder they have a high rating. Add me to their list of impressed customers!

     Jing Jing 



    The old AC unit in my parent's house needs preventive maintenance to continue running smoothly. We finally found the right service company with iCare Aircon because they were able to fix our obsolete aircon and it feels like it's running as brand new unit now.

    The Growing Demand of Air Conditioning in Singapore

    Singapore is known for its beautiful nature and warm climate. Fewer places on earth can claim to have a tropical climate that features consistently warm temperature all year round. The temperature ranges from 72 to 95 °F (22 to 35 °C) all the through the year. As you can appreciate, there are no true winters in Singapore. In fact, the greatest change Singapore weather occurs during the monsoon season from November to January when we experience an increase in rainfall.

    Therefore, in Singapore, it is either warm or hot and humid. This climate lends itself to outdoor activities and holiday making. However, when you are indoors things can get quite uncomfortable owing to the hot and humid weather. As such, having a properly functioning air conditioner is critical to comfortable living. We have dedicated ourselves to helping businesses and homeowners keep their air conditioners working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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