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    In Singapore's relentless heat, our homes can sometimes feel more like greenhouses. That’s where we step in. At iCare Aircon, we’re not just about air conditioning; we're about keeping you comfortably cool. Last year alone, we brought relief to over 600 households and businesses, a testament to our dedication.

    Whether it's routine maintenance or complex installations across residential and commercial properties, our service is marked by quality and efficiency that stands out from the rest.

    Let us keep you cool - it’s what we do best.

    Our Services

    Aircon Cleaning

    We offer air conditioning cleaning services for homes and offices. This involves scrubbing fans and changing air filters, plus using safe chemicals to eliminate germs. Regular cleaning freshens the air and improves how your air conditioner performs.

    We also provide a free check-up within 7 days following the initial service.

    Aircon Chemical Wash

    Our team uses a totally safe chemical overhaul solution. This service gets rid of bacteria and makes air cleaner. It comes with an in-depth chemical clean and overhaul, making your air conditioner last longer.

    You also get a free check-up within 7 days after the first service to make sure everything is working well.

    Aircon Repair

    Our team handles aircon fixes with top-notch skills. We sort out cooling issues in both homes and workplaces, bringing back the chill fast. Our experts come with 18 years of tackling tricky troubles, such as leaky air conditioners.

    They can manage different makes and usually have your cooling running again on the same day or the next.

    Aircon Gas Top-up

    We check the levels of refrigerant and provide gas top-up services. This helps your air conditioner cool properly, stops leaks, and prevents it from working poorly. Our prices change for different kinds of refrigerants, making sure you get the correct type for your AC unit.

    Each refill includes a 90-day warranty for your peace of mind.

    Aircon Maintenance

    Our team inspects and repairs air conditioning units to ensure they function properly. We examine all components, identify any leaks in the ductwork, and verify that the refrigerant level is correct.

    Our service also involves replacing air filters to maintain clean air. Each task we carry out is backed by a 90-day guarantee, offering our customers peace of mind when selecting us for their aircon maintenance needs in Singapore.

    Aircon Installation

    We fit air conditioning units in both houses and offices all over Singapore, making sure of efficient cooling and best performance. Our crew manages installations of major brands.

    Every job comes with a 100% repair promise to sort out any problems immediately, showing our dedication to excellent work and unbeatable customer care. With more than 600 successful fittings last year alone, we've made homes and workplaces cooler and much more pleasant for everyone in SG.

    Specialization in Commercial and Residential Aircon Solutions

    We excel in both commercial and residential air conditioning solutions. Our team has vast experience, especially with challenging setups such as the Daikin VRV systems known for their complexity.

    We've worked on more than 4,560 units, covering a wide range from small home installations to large-scale commercial projects. This breadth of expertise means we understand the unique needs of each setting—whether it's ensuring a cosy home environment or maintaining optimal conditions for business operations.

    Our services don't just stop at installation. We provide routine maintenance and complete overhauls, crucial for extending the life of your aircon while keeping energy costs down. For businesses, our detailed understanding of VRV/VRF systems ensures your setup is always running smoothly and efficiently.

    Homeowners can rely on us to keep their spaces cool and comfortable, thanks to our thorough approach to maintenance and repair. Every job gets done right—the first time—with no hidden costs or surprises.

    Here Are Why Our Customer Like Us

    Jessie Lim


    I got full cleaning, deodorizing, air purifying, and got a unit that was humming like it was brand new. Their technician was there for a day and was able to service all the ACs in our office. I knew I made the right choice.



    These guys did a full overhaul job for me a few months ago. We had an old air-conditioner that hasn't run for a long time in our ancestral home. It cooled a large room back then and we were worried it wouldn't be able to run again after a few years of not operating. They had modern equipment to do the overhaul and it went as smoothly as possible. No wonder they have a high rating. Add me to their list of impressed customers!

     Jing Jing 


    The old AC unit in my parent's house needs preventive maintenance to continue running smoothly. We finally found the right service company with iCare Aircon because they were able to fix our obsolete aircon and it feels like it's running as brand new unit now.

    Benefits of Routine Servicing

    Routine servicing saves money and trouble. It stops costly repairs before they start. A well-maintained aircon unit works better, uses less power, and lasts longer. This means more cool air and lower energy bills for you.

    Keeping your aircon serviced means it runs as it should. You'll enjoy cleaner air and a cooler home without worry. Plus, regular checks keep the warranty valid. So, no unexpected leaks or drops in performance catch you off guard. With our help, your air conditioner stays in top shape year-round.

    Why Choose Us

    We've serviced 4,560 units in our 18 years of experience. This shows we know aircon systems inside out. From emergency fixes to routine maintenance, we guarantee a 100% fix for your aircon troubles or we'll come back and solve it at no extra charge.

    Need help fast? We offer same day or next day services to get your air conditioning running smoothly again.

    Choosing us means you're opting for peace of mind. With our free follow-up service within 7 days and a 90-day workmanship warranty, you can trust that your air conditioner is in capable hands.

    Our team brings over two decades of expertise directly to your doorstep, combining skill with the latest technology to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

    Our team brings together skilled aircon technicians with at least 18 years of experience. They have certifications in servicing, repair, and maintenance of air conditioning units. Their expertise ensures that every job meets the highest standards.

    Professional Technicians and Certifications

    From troubleshooting common issues to complex repairs, our professionals handle it all. We guarantee our work for 90 days because we are sure about the quality we deliver.

    We strive for honesty and transparency in all our services. Our clients appreciate the professionalism and promptness our technicians show on every task. This focus on quality workmanship has made us highly recommended among homeowners in Singapore.

    With each service call, whether it's a routine maintenance or an emergency repair, you get unmatched customer support from certified experts dedicated to keeping your home cool and comfortable.

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