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Expert Aircon Repair In Singapore

In the sweltering heat of Singapore, a malfunctioning aircon isn’t just uncomfortable; it throws your entire day into disarray. It’s vital to have a grasp on common AC woes and their fixes to maintain your cool.

Our guide aims to shine a light on these predicaments, garnished with insights from experts who’ve seen it all.

At iCare Aircon, our journey began in 2016, propelled by James Tan’s twenty years of invaluable experience in air conditioning service and repair. With him at the helm, we’ve refined our expertise to ensure that your cooling systems run without a hitch.

Eager for peace of mind in keeping your space comfortably cool? Allow us the pleasure of guiding you through.

Common Aircon Problems in Singapore

We often see aircon in Singapore face issues like water leaks and strange noises. Blocks in the drain line or a full drip pan cause water to spill out from your unit. Sounds odd, right? Loose parts inside the aircon might be making those noises.

Airflow problems are another headache for many. A dirty filter or blocked air ducts reduce cool air reaching you. Sometimes, your home feels warm even when the AC is on high because of low refrigerant levels or leaky coils.

Short cycling keeps us busy too; that’s when the AC turns off and on too quickly due to incorrect size or a faulty thermostat. And don’t forget about frozen evaporator coils which stop your AC from cooling properly, often due to reduced airflow from a clogged filter or low refrigerant levels.

We tackle these common troubles daily, aiming to keep homes cool and comfortable without fuss.

Causes of Inadequate Cooling

Dirty air filters block the flow of cool air into your home. Cleaning or replacing them can fix this issue. Sometimes, outdoor units get clogged with dirt and debris, stopping the system from cooling properly.

Make sure to keep these clean too. Low refrigerant levels also cause poor cooling because it’s what helps cool the air inside your unit. Checking for leaks and refilling is critical here.

Circuit breakers trip and stop AC units from working correctly, leading to inadequate cooling. Always check if it needs a reset for your AC to start blowing cold air again. Lastly, a faulty thermostat might not be sending the right signals to your AC system, making rooms warmer than set temperatures suggest they should be.

Fixing these common issues helps keep your aircon running well and ensures you stay cool in Singapore’s heat.

Addressing Water Leaks in Air Conditioners

We fix water leaks in air conditioners quickly. Leaks often come from clogged drainage tubes or faulty seals. We check the condenser and filter first, as these parts commonly cause issues.

If we find a blockage, we clear it to stop the leak. Sometimes, the problem is a cracked pan or a loose connection inside the unit. Our team repairs these promptly to prevent more leaking.

We advise homeowners to schedule regular maintenance for their air conditioning systems. This practice helps avoid water leaks by keeping units in good working condition. During service calls, we inspect all critical components such as refrigerant levels and air filters besides looking for potential leak sources.

Ensuring these elements function properly reduces the risk of future leaks and keeps your home cool and dry.

Resolving Refrigerant Leaks

A technician using a refrigerant leak detector in an air conditioning unit.

Resolving refrigerant leaks is crucial for an aircon to function properly. These leaks can stop your unit from cooling as it should. Our team finds the leak, fixes it, and fills up the refrigerant to the right level.

This process ensures your air conditioner works well again.

Sometimes, finding a leak needs special tools. Our skilled technicians use detectors and gauges to locate leaks quickly and accurately. After fixing them, we test the system to make sure it’s leak-free and cools efficiently again.

Dealing with Frozen Evaporator Coils

Frozen evaporator coils can stop your aircon from cooling properly. We’ve seen it many times. Ice builds up because the airflow gets blocked or refrigerant levels are low. First, check filters for dirt and clean them out.

This ensures air moves freely.

If cleaning doesn’t fix it, the issue might be with the refrigerant. Low levels mean our team needs to step in. We find leaks, fix them, and top up the refrigerant. Your aircon should start blowing cool air again after these steps.

It’s a process we handle daily—thawing coils, repairing leaks, and checking systems to keep your home cool.

Supplementary Insights on Aircon Repair

In our guide, we dive deep into keeping your cooling system running smoothly. Plus, get tips on picking the right repair team… Keep reading to find out how you can make your air cooler last longer and run better.

Importance of Regular Maintenance

It’s important to have your air conditioner serviced regularly to keep it working well. If you don’t, you might face bigger problems like blocked air filters or issues that make the system stop working suddenly.

These can make your home less comfortable and cause your energy costs to go up. Getting regular check-ups stops these common issues, making sure your AC works well all year round.

Having routine services means small problems, such as tiny leaks or parts wearing out, get spotted early. This stops water from leaking into your house and helps your air conditioner last longer than expected.

Think of servicing as an investment – it saves you money on future repairs and keeps the air in your home clean for everyone’s benefit.

Choosing a Reliable Aircon Repair Service

We know choosing a reliable aircon repair service in Singapore can seem hard. We make it easy. At iCare Aircon, we ensure our team has the best tools for troubleshooting and fixing common problems like clogged filters, refrigerant leaks, or units not working.

Our experience lets us quickly find the issue and solve it.

Look for services with strong reviews about quick response times and professional technicians. That means they respect your time and home while doing the job right. With over 600 successful installations last year alone, our skills are proven.

Call us for any AC issues – from warm air blowing to water leaks – and we’ll fix them fast.

Benefits of Hiring iCare Aircon

Choosing iCare Aircon means getting air conditioning problems fixed right the first time. Our team has over 20 years of experience in servicing and repairing AC systems. This depth of skill ensures we address common to complex issues with precision.

From clogged air filters to refrigerant leaks, we’ve seen and fixed it all.

We’re proud to offer fast response times coupled with high service standards. Last year alone, we completed more than 600 installations, showcasing our ability to handle projects big or small efficiently.

Our technicians are not just experienced; they’re professionals who respect your home and work quickly to minimise disruption. With a focus on sustainability, choosing us also means supporting efforts for better environmental conservation within Singapore’s community.

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Our customers often tell us how happy they are with our aircon services. They say things like, “Your team fixed our air conditioning unit fast,” and “Now, our home feels cool again.” Many homeowners in Singapore have seen their common AC problems vanish because we were quick to answer their call for help.

Families enjoy cooler air without water leaking or the AC blowing hot air all thanks to our work.

We’ve helped over 600 homes last year alone, making sure each air conditioner works well. People appreciate that we don’t just fix their current issues—they notice how we prevent future ones too.

With regular maintenance advice from us, many have avoided big troubles down the line. Reading reviews, you’ll find stories of units lasting longer than expected and energy bills going down after we’ve stepped in.

It shows that for professional aircon servicing done right, homeowners trust us fully.


We’ve laid bare common AC glitches and their fixes. From not cooling properly to unexpected leaks, we’ve tackled them all. iCare Aircon is your go-to for all air conditioner woes in Singapore.

Our expertise covers a broad range of services—maintenance, installation, and urgent repairs. Act now for a cooler tomorrow. Reach out at hello@icareaircon.com for unmatched service.


1. What happens when your aircon isn’t cold anymore?

It’s likely due to a tripped circuit breaker, or the unit needing more aircon chemicals. Check these first; if the problem persists, it might be time to call us at iCare Aircon.

2. Why won’t my AC turn on?

First, check your fuse box for a tripped circuit. If everything looks good there, and your central AC still won’t start, get in touch with us for a quick fix.

3. Can leaky air from my unit affect indoor cooling?

Yes, absolutely. Leaky air means your system works harder to distribute air throughout your home but fails to keep the indoors cool as intended.

4. How often should you service your aircon in Singapore?

Servicing once every six months keeps common problems at bay and ensures your unit distributes cool air efficiently inside your home.

5. When do I need to replace my AC unit?

If troubleshooting doesn’t help and especially if the cycle of issues continues despite best efforts—like constant leaks or it just isn’t working—it’s probably time for a new one.

6. What does an unusual noise coming from my AC mean?

Odd noises can signal anything from minor issues that need simple fixes to major concerns requiring professional services in Singapore… Don’t wait; let us take a look!

For all things related to ensuring your AC is running smoothly and keeping you cool, contact iCare Aircon at hello@icareairon.com today!